Dear Landlord,

We the tenants write to you today with a proposition: a self-initiated improvement to our building in Downtown Brooklyn– a second home. Our loft building has always hosted a strong creative community; we’ve shared a rooftop farm for years, and now many of us hope to start families here. This second home would serve our community with a large kitchen and dining area, with a glass wall opening out onto the farm. The home will also provide our small families with two suites of rooms that offer privacy, silence, and simplicity to our otherwise complex New York City lives. These rooms are reminiscent of Japanese tea houses: quiet, warm, wooden rooms with large sliding windows, distinct from our all-concrete industrial lofts. This second home would be paid for and built by us, using sustainable prefabricated wood products. A wooden building in New York City is a rare thing, but this simple, shared structure would provide our community with a place to gather, find peace, and celebrate.

The Tenants

Downtown Brooklyn, NY

Stay Tuned
New York, New York